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Red Tent of the Prairies

"We envision Mother Earth as a place where Indigenous womxn walk empowered in their own sovereignty and embody traditional places of honour"


We are an Indigenous-led initiative helping womxn reconnect to ancient cultural teachings through providing access to education, resources and community.

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Canvas 2-3.jpg

 Red Tent of the Prairies was inspired by Anita Diamant’s book “The Red Tent”, which since publication has initiated a worldwide movement of womxn’s Red Tent gatherings.

The Red Tent is a womxn’s tradition traced back to ancient times. In every culture worldwide, women historically gathered beneath the new moon to share and hold space for each other.


During the pandemic Red Tent of the Prairies provided virtual access to Indigenous womxn’s teachings, mental health resources, and peer support. 


In the future we will be hosting Red Tent circles in person.

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